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holiday house Florida Now shop it is more favourably hardly in it!!! The investm

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 Now shop - it is more favourably hardly in it!!! The investm
 No.:  12507
 Price:  117200 EUR
 Region:  Land: us, Region: Florida
 Place:  33936 Lehigh Acres, FL,    [ Map, no guarantee ]
 Number of rooms:  5
 Living space:  140 m²
 Description environs:
The gulf - coast of Florida - with her known places like Ft. Myers, cape Corel, Sarasota, Naples and many more, offers a very good infrastructure with very nice coastal segments. Here for the everyday use and far, in addition, you find everything what to a luxury life so is required. This passes from the yacht harbours over the golf course arrangements, the great restaurants ? suma sumarum ? a life like from the picture book! Here The Way of live ? applies it. A dream of kilometre width, white sandy beaches, the always warm gulf of Mexico. Here it can be lived! The favorable dollar and the real estate crisis make it possible. Buy what the stuff holds, because the prices rise again. Are present if the train of the capital again in the ways comes. If not now ? when then???!!! The investment it does not run away, as well as some stocks! Please, respect you on it, the euro of retail price is an about price. The price in the national currency is obliging. You find him in the object description. In South Africa it is the edge; in Florida of the U.S. Dollar. use please the conversion possibilities on our homepage, thank you! It are worth always our Terms and Conditions ` see you on our homepage can read up.
 Description property:
Very nice, empty Einfamilienenhaus at a level. This live invested garden and offers you 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Living - dining room, kitchen - completely equipped, parking chamber, pantry, double garage, Solar heated swimming-pool with terrace, passable Kleiderschank, new roofing, southern adjustment, really so much more!!! For only 149,000 US $ the property is approx. 930 square metres .
 Seller reference-No.:  OFL001246
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