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site Big property with flight runway to the private or commercial

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 Big property with flight runway to the private or commercial
 Номер:  13227
 Цена:  1176000 CHF
 Местоположение:   Pedro P. Pena,    [ Map, без гарантии ]
 Количество комнат:  
 Описание окрестности:
 Описание недвижимости:
An unusual offer of a big, former Estancia. Today the property is wooded, different water occurence (lake, Lagunas and ground water) exists. A very fertile land, usable for your projects in the areas of Agriculture, keeping of pets and forestry. A cultivation or also an ecotourism is possible. The available flight runway is covered topically with shrubs. Or use this offer as a very interesting investment object, especially in regard of the oil findings in the region. Plot area: 92,560,000 square metres of commission: Freely of commission Freely from: immediately supplier Lutz Delitzsch mediation agency lower Rainstrasse 19 D-88142 water castle 08382/750840 08382/750841 supervisory authorities according to §34c GewO: Ordinal velvet Lindau USt-IdNr .: DE210649489
 Идентификационный номер продавца:  PY-17-0209-0
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