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Дома отдыха для продажи Colombia

holiday flat Luxury apartment with 3 bedrooms and all round view

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 Luxury apartment with 3 bedrooms and all-round view
 Номер:  148045
 Цена:  310000 USD
 Местоположение:   Santa Marta,    [ Map, без гарантии ]
 Количество комнат:  4
 Жилплощадь:  90 m²
 Описание окрестности:
 Описание недвижимости:
The offer of a luxury apartment on the 23rd and last floor in a prime location in Santa Marta Colombia. Enjoy the exceptional all-round view on the Bay of Santa Marta, the sea and the hinterland. The exclusive modern establishment with all equipment is included in the purchase price. In addition to Cartagena, Santa Marta, landing many cruise ships, among the top destinations in Colombia. The building was renovated in 2011 and 2012 completely. More objects are available on request. Realize your plans or take advantage of this offer as a very interesting investment. Purchase $ 310,000 property. m square 90 TG-plots 1 Commission: Commission free provider Lutz Delitzsch Recruitment agency Lower r 19 D-88142 Wasserburg 08382 / 750840 08382/750841 supervisory authority according to § 34 c GewO: Ordnungsamt Lindau USt-IdNr.: DE210649489
 Идентификационный номер продавца:  CO-13-0112-0
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